Vertical Blinds


Invalid dimensions. Please check that your dimensions are within the minimum and maximum ranges.
The available width range is from 500MM to 6000MM
The available drop range is from 500MM to 4000MM


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Select your mount type. An inside mount places the blind within the window frame. An outside mount places it on the outside edges of the window. See "How to Measure" for details on the difference in measuring for an inside or outside mount.




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Product Information Specifications Colour Options


Durable Vertical Blinds have 100% polyester acrylic fabric slats, making these window coverings one of the easiest products on the market to clean and care for. Vertical Blinds are practical, and provide superior light control, come standard with a heavy-duty track system for years of trouble-free operation. Perfect for all your windows, including sliding glass doors.

Ideal for: Bedroom, bathroom, living rooms, lounge, office, rumpus room


  • Acetyl Resin Components Acetyl resin will not retard or breakdown in the heat and is stronger than plastics, offering a reliable and smooth operation for the life of your blinds
  • Clutching Mechanism/Self-Aligning Carrier The Vertical Track features a built in clutch to stop any damage caused by over winding and may be used to automatically realign your verticals via the clutching mechanism
  • Bottom Weight System Features a high density, one-piece bottom weight that will not discolour the fabric, as metal weights are prone to do. Available in chainless bottom weight
  • Slimline Design 28mm track extrusion is up to 40% slimmer than many brands and provides a more attractive finish. Fully coordinated with slats to complete the look of the Vertical Blind
  • Minimal Stack Size The narrow vane travellers provide a much narrower blade stack permitting greater clearance. This will enable you to take full advantage of your view
  • Light Control The Vertical Track is suitable for a wide range of applications and are characterised by their flexibility, durability and the efficient versatile solar protection they provide. The louvres can be adjusted to follow the course of the sun and are an excellent way to control and direct the light.
  • Wand Operation The wand operation will tilt the blades and open & close the blind in one action.


  • Low maintenance, easy cleaning & care
  • Flexible light control
  • Practically priced & child proof sturdy vinyl fabric
  • Ideal for large windows and sliding door applications. Please note for bi-fold door applications you need to ensure the door folds do not obstruct or touch the blind. In such cases, Victory recommends Vertical Blinds only if the bi-fold doors open fully to the outside without any obstruction to the inside of the opening.


Victory recommends outside mount application for Vertical Blinds to minimise light gaps. When measuring for outside mount Vertical Blinds add 100mm each side of the architrave. This will reduce light and also provide for more privacy. Note - You will receive larger light gaps with inside/recess fit Vertical Blinds. You will need to add 100mm sill depth without obstruction from window frames for inside recess fit applications.

Width & Drop Dimensions

Minimum Width: 500mm Minimum Drop: 500mm
Maximum Width: 6000mm Maximum Drop: 4000mm

Manufacturing & Delivery Time

Australian Custom Made - Manufacturing time is approximately 10-15 working days. Delivery time is 1-5 days depending on your location.

Blade Sizes

89mm or 127mm blade size


Chainless bottoms with wand operation


You will receive - vertical track, vertical blades, brackets for inside or outside mount, operating wand, installation instructions, installation screws & child safety devices

Instructions & Tips

Always have the slats in the open position when drawing vertical back and forth to prevent damage from fabric abrasion. Use the vertical cords to draw the blinds or the chain to tilt or rotate the slats. Use the cords to draw the panel drapes. The vertical slats are self-aligning, but should something cause them to be out of alignment, simply rotate them into position.


Draw the vertical back fully when cleaning windows. When cleaning each slat you can remove them by disengaging the hanger carrier. In most cases, however, you can gently clean each vertical slat while in position. Make sure you only use a damp cloth to clean vertical slats (no solvents). You can lightly vacuum your verticals if required. A while pencil eraser can also be used to clean some scuff marks found on the vertical slats. Always test in an inconspicuous area to ensure it doesn't damage the blind. Tracks are pre-lubricated and require no further maintenance.

Product Specifications

Fabric Style Composition: 100% polyester with acrylic coating
  Weave: Plain weave
  Fire Classification: Tested to AS 1530 Part III
  Nominal Weight: 360gsm
  Nominal Thickness: 0.33mm
  Cutting: Ultrasonic, cold, crush, knife
Blade Width 89mm or 127mm
Fabric Colours Bronze Metallic, Brulee Metallic, Cactus, Chintz Metallic, Clay, Cloud, Coal, Coconut, Cornsilk, Dune, Ice, Lava Metallic, Loft, Mercury Metallic, Mist, Moon, Odessey, Orient, Pool, Spirit, Starfish, Stone, Syllabub, Whisper
Track Dimensions 47mm x 33mm
Bracket Suitability Top & Back
Light Control 4/5 Complete Blackout
Privacy Level 3/5 Complete Privacy
Control Operation Wand operation to draw verticals and rotate blades
Control Side Left or Right
Wand Length 75cm (less than 1800mm drop) & 125cm (1800mm & above)
Wand Colour Clear
Bottom Weights Chainless bottom weights
Track Colours Black, stoney beige, primrose, white, white birch, clear anodised
Stack Options Centre Opening / Right / Left
Recess Fit Minimum Sill Depth 100mm for blind to fit inside window frame
Installation Application Inside or Outside Mount. Victory recommend outside mount application for vertical blinds to minimise light gaps. When measuring for outside mount vertical blinds add 100mm each side of the arc. Note - You will receive larger light gaps with inside/recess fit vertical blinds.
Child Safety Tension Device Not required with wand operation
Safety Comply with Australian Safety Standards & the Child Safety Act