Timber Style Venetian Blinds


Invalid dimensions. Please check that your dimensions are within the minimum and maximum ranges.
The available width range is from 480MM to 2700MM
The available drop range is from 400MM to 3000MM
The max square meterage of this product is 4.20m2


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Product Information Specifications Colour Options


Timber Style Venetian Blinds offer a warm and inviting look to any decor and available in 50mm slat sizes. Richly stained timber venetians have the look alike features of wood with the durability and consistant quality finish of a manmade fibre. Timber Style Venetians also feature a durable, low profile metal head box with a timber style scroll fascia.

Ideal for: Bedroom, bathroom, living rooms, lounge, office, rumpus room


  • UV Inhibitor & Fungicide Treatment For protection from moisture and the harsh Australian climate
  • No Metal on Metal Moving Parts No risk of parts rusting and becoming stiff to operate
  • Heavy Duty Ladders Polyester Ladders ensure slats remain in alignment and will take the weight of even larger blinds
  • Variety of Finish Options Choice of finish from Timberstyle in a variety of finishes


  • Timber Style Venetians are ideal for wet areas such as a bathroom, kitchen & laundry
  • 50mm slat width means less slats on large windows for a better view
  • 85mm wide fascias provide maximum coverage of operating hardware giving a more integrated timber look
  • 3m thick slat material enables wider blinds (Note: 4.2sqm maximum)
  • 3m fascia material enabling wider fascias without joins
  • Classic expression for a timeless space
  • Richly finished slats, warm yet refined

Width & Drop Dimensions

Minimum Width: 480mm Minimum Drop: 400mm
Maximum Width: 2700mm Maximum Drop: 3000mm

Timber Slat Size

Only available in 50mm

Manufacturing & Delivery Time

Australian Custom Made - Manufacturing time is approximately 10-15 working days. Delivery time is 1-5 days depending on your location.


You will receive - Timber Venetian Blinds, brackets, installation screws & installation instructions

Instructions & Tips

Release bottom hold down clips (where fitted) by bending them back slightly, then pull the slats up straight with the cord. Pull the cords to the centre to release and then proceed to lower the blind. When lowering Timber Venetians you may have to assist by asserting downward pressure on the bottom rail or alternatively jiggle the cords until the blind is fully lowered. Always have the slats open when raising or lowering. If slats become uneven raise the blind fully, which will automatically align/straighten them. If the cords are not straight you can jiggle on the cord as you pull them down slightly to straighten.


A wipe with a damp cloth is all your Timber Style Venetian Blinds need to keep them clean.

Product Specifications

Slat Style Polistyren + UV
  Smooth finish
  Warp resistant
  Ideal for wet areas - bathroom, kitchen, laundry
Slat Size 50mm
Dimensions Overall sqm cannot exceed 4.2 sqm
Colours Birch, Natural, Oak, Textured Coachwood, Textured Ghost Gum
Fascia Size 83mm
Bracket Size 62mm width x 58 drop
Bracket Suitability Side, Top & Back
Light Control 3/5 Complete Blackout
Privacy Level 3/5 Complete Privacy
Control Side Left or Right
Cord Length
Drop (when blind is open)Cord Length
700 - 1350mmLevel with 5th slat from the bottom
1351 - 1500mmLevel with 8th slat from the bottom
1501 - 1800mmLevel with 12th slat from the bottom
1801 - 2000mmLevel with 14th slat from the bottom
2001 - 2200mmLevel with the 16th slat from the bottom
2201 - 2400mmLevel with the 18th slat from the bottom
2401 - 2600mmLevel with the 20th slat from the bottom
Tilter Cord/Lift Cord Position <700mm 640mm from the top of head rail
Tilter Cord/Lift Cord Colour Will be coordinated to match the colour timber you choose
Accessories 2 hold down clips per blind
Blind Stack Size
DropStack Height
Recess Fit Minimum Sill Depth 80mm for blind to fit inside window frame
Installation Application Inside or Outside Mount
Child Safety Tension Device Included on cord as a breakaway tassle
Safety Comply with Australian Safety Standards & the Child Safety Act