Dual Roller Blinds


Invalid dimensions. Please check that your dimensions are within the minimum and maximum ranges.
The available width range is from 500MM to 2800MM
The available drop range is from 400MM to 3000MM


Choose a screen style from the choices shown below.
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Select which side of the blind you would like the control to be on.
Select the colour for the bracket which will hold your screen blind to the wall.
Select the colour for the bracket which will hold your blockout blind to the wall.
Select the colour of the chain for your screen blind.
Select the colour of the for your blockout blind
Select the colour of the rail that runs along the bottom of your screen blind
Select the colour of the rail that runs along the bottom of your blockout blind
Select your mount type. An inside mount places the blinds inside the window frame. An outside mount places the blinds on the outside edges of the window. See "How to Measure" for details on the difference in measuring for an inside or outside mount.
Inside rolls will have the blinds closer to the window. Outside rolls will be further from the window.




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Product Information Specifications Colour Options


Dual Roller Blinds combine both a blockout and a translucent screen as a secondary blind. The blockout fabric offers complete privacy at night and when rolled up during the day, allows the translucent screen to offer daytime privacy. Dual Roller Blinds are also chain operated for easy use.

Ideal for: Bedroom, bathroom, living rooms, lounge, office, rumpus room


  • Chain Operation with 3 - 1 Gearing Provides smooth and easy operation
  • Used for Both Day & Night Offers complete privacy during the day whilst allowing you to retain your view, combined with a secondary blockout blind that offers complete privacy in the evening
  • Easy Rise Heavy Duty Roller Easy to operate mechanism for lowering and lifting of large blinds
  • Ultra Sonically Cut and Sealed Edges Helps prevent fraying on edges and joins plus provides a more durable aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Powder Coated Brackets Coordinating with your lifting mechanism and chain for a modern stylish finish
  • Large Choice of Fabrics Treated to prevent mould and mildew and are easy to clean. Only the highest quality fabrics are used. The fabrics provide insulation and control harmful UV rays
  • Almond Shaped Bottom Rail Resists bowing or twisting and provides a minimalist finish to compliment your décor
  • Large Range of Styles To compliment any décor


  • Best of both worlds - privacy & retain your view
  • Minimal & discrete when raised
  • Raise/lower in one smooth, easy operation
  • Option of front or back roll (view diagram to see the difference)
  • Blackout fabric choice for privacy & to block light
  • Screen fabrics to retain view


  • Victory recommend a backroll finish in face fix application to minimise light gaps.
  • A recess application is possible, however check that the recess is deep enough. An 80mm minimum recess is recommended to allow for a 2400mm drop, so that the blind is completely recessed and the role won't protrude. If a recess fit is possible, then Victory recommend an over roll finish to clear obstructions and give a smooth valance look.


There is a large range of fabrics and colours for Dual Roller Blinds to complement any decor. Also make any room stylish by enhancing the Dual Roller Blinds with your choice of bottom rails from metallic black to a range of complimentary colours.

Width & Drop Dimensions

Minimum Width: 500mm Minimum Drop: 400mm
Maximum Width: 2800mm Maximum Drop: 3000mm

Manufacturing & Delivery Time

Australian Custom Made - Manufacturing time is approximately 10-15 working days. Delivery time is 1-5 working days, depending on your location.


You will receive - panels, tracks, installation screws, mounting brackets, child safety devices & installation instructions.

Instructions & Tips

Blinds must be level when installed. On narrow blinds hold the bottom of the blind firmly and guide it up as you draw the cord/chain so that it rolls up straight. Once blind has reached the top, the stoppers are there to protect it from going any further. You may notice some initial creases or puckering. This is a normal characteristic of new Dual Roller Blinds and will straighten out over time. Please make sure you do not pull the blind up from the side or unguided as this will cause unnecessary damage.

If fraying occurs to the sides of the blinds it can be cut off with sharp scissors and a small amount of hairspray can be used to reseal the edge.


Due to the nature of treated fabrics some stains and scuff marks can be removed. Clean by wiping them with a damp cloth and mild, soapy water. Do not use solvents. TIP: Some stains can be removed from blinds using a white eraser.

Product Specifications

Blockout Fabric Style Comfort Blockout Fabric
  Composition: 100% polyester with acrylic coating
  Weave: Plain weave
  Fire Classification: Tested to AS 1530 Part III
  Nominal Weight: 360gsm
  Nominal Thickness: 0.33mm
  Cutting: Ultrasonic, cold, crush, knife
Shaw Fabric Style Composition: 100% polyester with acrylic coating
  Openness Factor: Approximately 5%
  UV Blockage: 95%
  Weave: Basket weave
  Fire Classification: Tested to AS 1530 Part III
  Light Fastness: 4-5 minimum
  Nominal Weight: 488gsm
  Nominal Thickness: 0.61mm
Width & Drop Dimensions Width - min 500mm max 2980mm
  Drop - min 400mm max 2700mm
Blockout Fabric Colours Bronze Metallic, Brulee Metallic, Cactus, Chintz Metallic, Clay, Cloud, Coal, Coconut, Cornsilk, Dune, Ice, Lava Metallic, Loft, Mercury Metallic, Mist, Moon, Odessey, Orient, Pool, Spirit, Starfish, Stone, Syllabub, Whisper
Sunscreen Fabric Colours White, White Linen, White Stone, Linen, Charcoal, Charcoal Grey, Charcoal Bronze.
Bracket Size 99 x 156mm projection
Bracket Suitability Side, Top & Back
Bracket Colours Black, silver grey, pure white, sandstone, barley
Blockout Light Control Blockout Fabric: 5/5 Complete Blackout
Blockout Privacy Level Blockout Fabric: 5/5 Complete Privacy
Control Side One on each side - Left & Right
Chain Length
DropChain Length
< 850mm500mm
850 - 1199mm750mm
1200 - 1499mm1000mm
1500 - 1799mm1200mm
1800 - 2299mm1500mm
2300 and above2000mm
Chain Colours Plastic - Beige, black, grey, white, white birch
  Metal - nikel plated (silver)
Base Rail Oval shaped, powder coated aluminium or anodised sash
Base Rail Colours Plastic - sash, beige, chocolate, chrome, coffee, comet, harbour, metallic black, mocha, whisper, white, white birch or willow
Base Rail End Caps Plastic: Colour coordinated to base rail colour
Fabric Roll & Controls Blockout Fabric
  Will automatically be maufactured to sit at front and will be front rolled & right hand control
Cloth Width 30mm shorter than bracket to bracket measurement
Recess Fit Minimum Sill Depth 100mm for blind to fit inside window frame
Installation Application Inside or Outside Mount. Victory recommend outside mount application for dual roller blinds to minimise light gaps
Child Safety Tension Device Included
Safety Comply with Australian Safety Standards & the Child Safety Act